Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Day Zero Project: Number 99

Own a white cat. Bit of a bizarre goal to have but I just love, love, love white cats, with black cats coming in a close second. Now I have both :).

I'd spotted my next door neighbour had gotten a white cat with just two small patches of black on its head and I was jealous! It had the most prettiest face I'd seen on a cat. My love for white cats was up and running again. So, on the off chance they had a white cat, I went for a wander at our local RSPCA on Saturday (25/9/10). Plus, I'm on the firm belief that animals pick you and completely own you, so if one did pick me and it wasn't white...better in my home owning me than being in a rescue shelter. (Not a word to the hubby.)

We'd barely gotten into the cat section and there he was. Drew.

At first we were nervous that he couldn't be ours. He needed a quiet home...three cats, a King Charles cavalier and two very vocal parrots in our house...what do you think? We asked anyway...I'm using the Royal 'we' here. I got hubby to go the asking. They'd only put it because he was a bit nervous/skittish. Well, we could handle that! Two of our three cats are tortoishell cats! Skittish is putting it lightly with them two!

We put a second reserve on him (someone else wanted him too, but they really needed a house cat because of where they lived, and Drew isn't a house cat...he needs his space, don't you know?!). Sunday afternoon comes around and we get a phone call, 'Would you like to come pick Drew up now?'

Never moved so quick in me life! Got Drew home and he's settling in quickly. Not phased by the dog one little bit. Marley thinks he can play with him like he can with our black kitten, Riley, but Drew's faaaar too sophisticated for that nonsense.

  The other two tortoishell cats, Fred (Winifred) and Gismo, are a pair of miserable, sour old women (they need their sleep), and don't take too kindly to the kitten at the best of times, even though he's been with us for 3 months now. Now add a white cat into the mix and they don't know whether they're coming or going, the poor things. Got one in my office under my chair as we speak and the other one under the hubby's chair in his office.

Now Riley the kitten is a little bit freaked by Drew and his colour but still does that child thing of, 'Ah! New cat to talk to! Hi, I'm Riley, who are you?' Only Drew isn't too keen on this way of doing things and gives him a warning before running away.

All will settle soon enough though. I think Riley and Drew will be sleeping pals in a few months, once Riley is out of the 'play-all-day-don't-need-sleep' phase. Although I do think Drew has been hit before he ended up in the rescue centre. He's very nervous round quick moving hands and people moving too quickly to him. Other than that, he's an affectionate, slightly forceful, soul who wants loving.

I can haz cheezburger nao?
That's Marley and Riley having a play. Best friends forever them two! Also, excuse the carpet, having recently decorated, and with a dog in the house, the carpet is due for its clean. *shame*

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