Thursday, 16 September 2010

Start of a Beautiful Friendship

I've had my Kindle for nearly two weeks and it's love! All them books at the touch of a button. I can even get passages to see if I'll like the book...couldn't do that in a bookshop without getting some funny looks off the staff, with mutterings of, 'This is not a library!'

I'll still be a lover of the hard copy in my hands (I'm a secret page smeller...shhh! Don't tell anyone) and the feel of the covers, but being able to take a ton a books with me in that little thing is my idea of heaven. I'm terrible for taking at least ten books with me for a weekend trip anywhere, just so that I have choice, and sometimes they get a little ruined- I can't abide ruined books. Dog-eared and creased books make me cry and don't get me started on seeing someone lay a book flat down to hold their place whilst bending the spine so. I can almost hear the book whimper when I see that.

So yes. May I proudly introduce Emma's Amazon Kindle!
My only gripe, Mr Amazon, is when prices of books are the same or more as the hard copy. I'm well aware that the author needs paying and so do the people working their little socks off to get the book there, but you've no printing costs! What's that about?!

Still love it though! Now, anyone need ebooks reviewing?

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