Saturday, 16 October 2010

It's Time...

 When I was little, from about the age of 5 years onwards, I had hair down to my waist. (See picture to your right. I was nearly 6 and playing golf in Spain.) My parents loved it a, I lie- a lot more than me...I think they forgot it was me that had to live with it 24 hours a day, and wouldn't let me cut it unless it was a trim of the split ends.

 Then I turned 15 and 10 years of begging, pleading- literally on my knees- clinging on to my mother's hand asking her to get my hair cut finally paid off. I took her, 'I give in, do what you want' as a yes, grabbed my sister and raced to the hairdresser's. One hour later and I was swishing my shoulder-length hair with the best of them...but still wished it could be shorter. Like pixie-cut short.

The closest I got to a pixie cut was a long bob when I was 17 (naturally my mother hated it because it was so short) and I realised that even though I wanted to go shorter, I couldn't bear the embarrassment if it looked ridiculous on me and the people I worked with would ridicule me. So, I promised myself that if I ever got the chance to work from home and not see my co-workers every day, then I would do it.

It would appear that day has come. I finally got the job working from home and the promise to myself was shouting out to me loud and clear when I spotted Ginnifer Goodwin looking absolutely adorable with a pixie cut on the cover of Instyle. (Let's not mention Emma Watson at this point because I feel she looks like a boy and the cut does nothing for her.)

I'm giving myself the weekend to mull this position over, but chances are, my hair will be as short as Ginnifer's (see pic to your left) in less than a couple of weeks...should my hairdresser be able to fit me in.

I'm rather excited about it now. It's only another 10 years on from that original major cut!

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