Monday, 18 October 2010

My Week in Reading

Okay, think of My Week in Reading like Kristi's (The Story Siren) In My Mailbox...only what I've read this week instead of what books I've received for the week. It's all to do with that bloody personal challenge I've set myself and helping me to keep track on how I'm doing.

I'm doing it like this to help me build up my blog a little bit more on the book side of things and because Kristi is my book blogger idol, so I look to her blog for my little bits of inspiration on what to do with this blog.

 Anyway, my reading this week has been poor. Would you believe it- I'm in a reading slump. Either that or the book I read wasn't that great, which I suspect it really wasn't.

My one read this week was Nanny Returns (Amazon) by Nicola Kraus & Emma McLaughlin. It's ten years on from The Nanny Diaries (Amazon) and Grayer is back in Nan's life, bringing his little brother, Stilton with him. Add the politics of upper class Manhattan, the recession and Nan's husband wanting to start a family and you've got some very stressful times ahead for Nan.

I'll pop my review up at some point this week and hopefully have a better reading week coming up.

On another note before I wrap this post up, I've had a nosey round and can't find any other blogs that do their week of reading. I know there's the reviews and In My Mailbox, but I want to know what you're reading! Let me know...I'm nosey like that.


the story siren said...

wow! i'm a book blogging idol! *blushes* :)

Anonymous said...

@ the story siren: You're that much of a book blogging idol to me that I just did my version of the happy dance to the husband because you commented. He feels my obsession with all things books may have gotten out of hand.