Friday, 8 October 2010

Setting a Personal Reading Challenge

After having a a small conversation with Michelle Harrison on Twitter about To Be Read Books/Piles, I realised that I had no idea exactly how many books I'd accumulated and not read yet. I just knew that they'd been gathered up in my office and the pile wasn't going down.

 I decided the other night to haul the lot of them out of my office and on to the hallway upstairs and see how ridiculous it all looked. I didn't know whether to dance with glee or hang my head in shame at having so many to read. Even the cat took one look at them, threw a dirty look and trotted into my office in disgust.

Anyway, some show and tell. Here's my To Read Pile...

 ...of the books that I've borrowed from a friend. You were thinking, 'Is that it?' Weren't you? Well, 20+ books from a friend is enough to be getting on with as it would think? I'm not even going to think about how many books she has unread too.

Okay...*drumroll* is my sickeningly large pile of unread books (no, I can't show you my read books. They're gathered in the far corners of the house praying for someone to rescue them and be read again)!

 Isn't that just the most obscene thing you've ever seen?! I think I need an intervention. Or find a husband that isn't such an enabler. He's got many books unread too!

Once I saw them all laid out like that, I realised just how much I needed to get a move on with reading them. So, here's my personal challenge *takes a breath*...

In that obscene pile is 354 books. If you add my friend's books too, my To Be Read Pile comes to 392. And then there's my Kindle and the books on there...well, you get the point.

 My personal challenge is this: 365 books in 365 days *wince*.

 That's a book a day. Well, in theory anyway. You, me, the husband, and the four cats know I won't do a book a day. However, my plan is this: no life for me. Just kidding. Kinda.

My real plan is this: no reading drought from May to September this year. Year in, year out I read about 60-70 books, but for some reason, I just can't seem to read in between those months. I might get 2 books read if that. That should bump up the amount I read quite dramatically. Then there's the odd trips to London when I'd usually fall asleep with my mouth wide open, drooling ungracefully, and waking up suddenly with the grunt of coffee stop to husband. (Woes is him for being the only one of the two of us who can drive!)

Also, I've spent many a day this past year wasting away before Facebook and their addictive games. Then there's work, which I can't avoid until I'm a big selling author, so I'll have to read around it. I'd say my many other hobbies might called to be done, but let me be honest here; I've an addictive personality and those Facebook games totally own me at the moment. My cross-stitching, card making, jigsaw puzzling and film watching have all gone by the wayside because of those pesky pixels called crops. Woe betide anyone if my crops wither! But not anymore! For I have my challenge to complete! And complete it I will...try my hardest!

 Back to the matter at hand- I'm going to start my challenge on Monday 11th October. That gives me the weekend to read my library books and another book I have on the go. (We'll just ignore the 15 other books I"m currently reading too as they're on shelves and not in that pile.) It gives me some time to really organise myself and see what sort of tactic I want to take on this.

I figured that if I actually blogged about this then I'm more likely to work at getting these lovely books read. Otherwise I'd have the half-hearted attempt at keeping note of my challenge on the notice board and by the time new year rolled round I'd have forgotten all about it. Now that it's out there for the world to see about it, I'm more like to try and reach my goal! Especially when the plan is to blog every week where I'm up to.

Anyhoo...wish me luck, hate me, laugh at me...or join me...what say you?


Nicky said...

Oooo yes my unread pile is obscene too. You can also take the Bronte out of the pile you claim is mine, that one is yours too :P

I will join your challenge for half of the 365. I will be looking to do 182/3 that should clear a good chunk of mine too.

Also I can't believe how many we duplicated on. What a waste :P

Anyway I will be making a blog and I will do my hardest at reviewing. Tips and hints welcome as I suck at writing in general let alone reviews :P

Oooo its technically the 11th, I should be reading :D

Emma said...

Yeah, I spotted Bronte after I'd done the post.

Amanda said...

Good luck with your challenge! And kudos for actually lining up your books. I'm afraid to do that, as the pile would probably extend into every room of the house . . . but I don't have a problem . . . hehe. I haven't read a lot of books in your TBR mountain, but the young adult titles there are pretty much all fantastic. Happy reading!