Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Atom Love

This is my Atom Love Post. I'm proving something, so go with it :).

Little, Brown have an imprint called Atom (I'm sure you all know that), and they're compiling a list of bloggers over in their Tower of Awesome Books. So while I was pondering if my blog was too new to be added, I glanced at me books and realised how much I really do love Atom books.

I'm missing my black Twilight series (don't judge me...I really liked the white covers (my husband already laughed in outrage at me)), the rest of my House of Night series and an Atom book at the bottom of one of my TBR piles. Can't remember what it is, I just see the Atom logo on it.

 I knew I had read a lot of Atom books, with loads still in my TBR pile, I just didn't realise how many until I yanked them out to prove my love to the guys over at Atom. So what do you think, Atom peeps? Is my love big enough?

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