Monday, 15 November 2010

My Week In Reading

Think of My Week in Reading like Kristi's (The Story Siren) In My Mailbox...only what you've read this week instead of what books you've received for the week. 

So I totally read this many books in the past three weeks:

 Honest...I really're not buying it, are you? I wouldn't either. However, you would think that with the time I've not posted about what I've read I'd more than caught up on my challenge, wouldn't you? Nope. This reading slump has taken a good hold AND NaNoWriMo is here too, so my challenge is struggling a bit.

Anyway, this is what I read:
Hunter Wild is training at the Helio-Ra Academy to be a vampire slayer only to find herself falling in love with one of the Drake vampires! Add some mysterious illness at the academy, Hel-Blar attacks and a traitor within, it's all getting a bit complicated. Imagine if Hunter's grandfather found out?! 

 Yes, that's right, one book read in all this time. Not even waiting 21 hours for the Harry Potter premiere (I met Ralph Fiennes so it was all worth it) had me catching up on some reading thanks to the heavy rain. Quite a pitiful state of affairs. I figured out before that at this rate I need to read 1.1 books a day to still complete my personal challenge.

What did everyone else read this week?

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