Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year

 Happy New Year everyone! Hope you all had a safe, happy Christmas and that the New Year will be a good, happy one.

I haven't forgotten my blog, it was just I stopped working for Christmas and decided that I would take a break from pretty much everything until the new year.

So my blogging resolutions are:

Blog regularly - I'm a little bit sporadic at the moment because I'm not organised. I'd show you my messy office, but I'm afraid you'd judge me it's that bad.

Keep up to date on book reviews - I read books and then don't review them straight away. I drag it on as long as I can.

Comment more - I don't do it much, even though I read all blog posts on my list.

My blogging goals are:

Keep a blogging diary - I'm hoping that it will help with the above resolutions.

Read, review and craft more - Exactly as it sounds. I've dropped my bad habit of playing facebook games now so I'll have more time to get my hobbies done.

Complete all reading challenges

And that's it for my resolutions and goals. What about everyone else?

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