Sunday, 23 January 2011

Hobbies...I Have Too Many

 So as you can see, my New Year's blogging resolutions are not going so great. I've not updated regularly, I've barely commented and my reviews can't write themselves.

Here's my predicament; I have too many hobbies!

It's true, and then they get in the way of each other because I just don't know where to start or how to shut my brain down from thinking about the others whilst I'm doing one of them.

My list of hobbies looks something like this: reading, writing, cross-stitching, tv shows, films, writing lists, ticking things off said lists, making cards, sports (which is a bit redundant because I don't know anyone who would come rock climbing, snowboarding with me, or play badminton and tennis, and then there's my knee), video games...especially on the Wii, travelling, sightseeing, learning about history, learning useless facts, writing reviews, crocheting (still learning), knitting (see crocheting), jigsaw puzzles, coffee (don't argue with me, it's a hobby), and my latest cooking.

This is what happens when I'm not working, and I only work four hours of the day, five days a week; I get bored, so I make half-hearted attempts to do my chores for the day (feed the rabbits, feed the cats, feed the dog, feed the humans, possibly tidy up anything I forgot to pick up when I was done with it and so it goes on), but then when I've done the things I should do, I look at all my hobbies. This is where my problems start. I sit there thinking, I should probably get that book finished because it's due back at the library/getting on my nerves/I really wanna read one of the 300+ in my TBR piles. So I pick up the book, but because I'm forcing myself to read I then think, actually, I should get that cross-stitch sitting on my bay windowsill done- I can't wait to see it finished. But then I go to pick it up and put it in the hoop when I think, I should really get my reviews written, I've got 10 books backed up to be reviewed. Then I sit down at my computer and think, I haven't blogged in a while again, I should blog about something then do my reviews.

Anyway, this carries on through my other hobbies until it comes to the point where I've not actually done any of them and just end up wasting my evening lolling round the house attempting to do them.

Anyone else have this problem, or is just me and that I have procrastination completely and utterly ingrained my genes? I'm well aware of how I'm wasting my life being like this. Especially on the writing front. I want to see my book on those bookshop shelves, dammit! I know it's me getting in the way of myself, I just don't know how to give myself a slap and say, 'Look woman! Stop dragging your feet and do this!' Any tips on how to get over that?

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