Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Book Review - Kate's Wedding by Chrissie Manby

Kate's Wedding by Chrissie Manby
Release Date: 31st March 2011
Summary (Amazon)

Thirty-nine-year-old Kate had almost given up on love when she met her fiancé. Now she's planning for the wedding she never dreamed she'd have. But things seem to be slipping out of her control.

Diana, born on the day of the 1981 Royal Wedding, never doubted that one day she would find her prince. Newly engaged, and with daddy's credit card in her grasp, she's in full Bridezilla mode.

Against the backdrop of the other couple getting married in April 2011, both women prepare for the most important day of their lives. But will each bride get her perfect day? Or will it all become a right royal fiasco?

 It’s been a while since I’ve read a Chrissie Manby book. In fact, the last time I picked up a Chrissie Manby book was when she was known as Chris Manby. I don’t understand why I haven’t because she was the first adult book I read; Lizzie Jordan’s Secret Life. I still remember the story vividly and racing through it when I should have been doing my Macbeth G.C.S.E. essay. Then I got swept up in the royal wedding fever and snapped up Kate’s Wedding when it came out, and I’m glad I did.

 The book is largely told from Kate’s point-of-view, with some from Diana, and the odd chapter told from Melanie’s, the wedding dress shop owner, view. The story starts from when Kate and Diana get engaged, with them crossing paths from time to time. Kate wants a small, simple affair and Diana wants her version of the royal wedding, and by God will she get it!

 Kate was lovely. She just wants to be married without all the trappings of a wedding. I completely related to her in that sense. Even when she was ready for bouncing Ian, her fiancé, down the aisle for some of his questionable behaviour, I related to that too. But what got on my nerves in those situations, and it has done in other novels too, is when couples don’t talk. They just assume the other should know what they want. It really rubs me up the wrong way and I will never relate or understand it. That was a pet hate for me in this story.

 Then you had Diana, a complete and utter Bridezilla. I’ve never really met someone who was a Bridezilla, but I could completely imagine them to be like Diana. With no original thought of her own and constantly looking to Kate Middleton and the royal wedding, she wanted everything her way. I loved to hate Diana and the wrath she inflicted on her fiancé, Ben. I didn’t have any sympathy for him though. He had no backbone and brought it on himself. They were both written so well, that I wished there had been more of Diana and her spoilt tantrums, with Ben wondering how much more he could take.

 There were some very funny moments and sweet moments, and this has made me want to pick up some more Chrissie Manby novels as I’ve quite clearly been missing out since my last venture into her books. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who loves chicklit!

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