Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Coffee Break - Getting Personal with a Book

 I was recently reading a book, and writing notes for the review as I went along, and I found myself getting very personal about what I found disbelieving in the story. The problem was that the story actually touched a raw nerve. I found a character's actions, as outrageously unbelievable as they were, making me incredibly angry- because I had had to deal with this kind of outrageous behaviour in the past. I was so angry, that I was starting to get angry at all the other characters and the things they were doing or saying. In the end I had to put the book down and stop reading it for the day.

 I'm just finishing up this book, but even now if I let myself think too much about the book whilst I'm reading it, I get angry, and if it wasn't on the Kindle, I'd be hurling it across the room every time I read a bit more. This is nothing on how the author has written the story, this is about me and my problems reading it, which wasn't originally coming across in my review.

Have any of you ever gotten like that with a book? You're reading it and instead of realising that there's nothing wrong with the story or the writing, it's you that has a problem because it's a bit too relatable to your past (or maybe even present)?

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