Monday, 5 September 2011

Book Review - Vampire Academy Series (Books 2-6) by Richelle Mead

My intention was to review these individually, but I found recently I wasn't the only one who hadn't read this series yet. I saw at least 5 other bloggers reading these books at the same time as me. So I decided to review the last 5 all together so that I didn't give much away and ruin anything for those who haven't read the series yet. I'm also not putting a summary here because I made the mistake of reading the summary of Last Sacrifice whilst I was still reading Blood Promise and new a major plot coming up because of it

Originally I had never felt the need to read this series, vampires were being done to death, but then Last Sacrifice was coming out just before last Christmas and the book blogging world appeared to be going crazy to find out what happens to Rose and her friends. So I added it to my library books list and finally got round to them over the summer.

I wasn't blown away by the first book Vampire Academy but there was something in the chemistry between Rose and Dimitri that held my interest for me to keep going. The further I got into the Vampire Academy world, the quicker I devoured the books. I was completely hooked. I'm glad I didn't get into them before all the books were out as I think I would've gone crazy waiting for each one.

The only interesting character for me was Dimitri. There were a lot of layers to this character and with the things that happened to him, I wanted more on him than anyone else. I found myself slowing down on my pace of reading when there was no Dimitri involved in the storyline. He was just so interesting to read and I would love to see more of him with his family and before he met Rose. Or even something during the time he wasn't with Rose.

As feisty and strong as I found Rose, I also grew irritated by her sometimes. I would cringe in embarrassment at some of her outbursts. Especially the childish ones involving Dimitri. I could never relate to her when she was like that. She was selfish and self-centred too, which she didn't seem to realise a great deal. However, I did love the fact she refused to be a victim, even if it did get repeated- a lot. I think that's what makes Rose such a good protagonist. She has these flaws, but her heart can be in the right place.

I wasn't that interested in the rest of the subplots of the series involving some of the other characters. I found Rose's bond with Lissa a little bit too convenient for the sake of these subplots. I did adore the friendship between Rose and Lissa, but I wasn't a great fan of Lissa. She seemed to be lacking something for me.

The series wasn't without it's flaws, but the writing was addictive and fast-paced. Every book had an issue that was resolved by the end of it, yet left with enough of a cliffhanger to keep the stories going. I highly recommend this series to anyone who loves vampires and are looking for something new in the genre.

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