Monday, 5 September 2011

Coffee Break - The Urge of Writing

Lately I've had such an overwhelming urge to write. However, I can't seem to actually do the deed.

I have plenty of ideas and sometimes I have subplots and other ideas that stem from those original ideas. Then I sit down and look at that blank word document and just can't seem to put down what's swirling through my head. The words won't come yet I can see the pictures of what I want to write.

I've never had this problem before. Usually when I can't/don't write it's because the idea of what to write next isn't there. Mostly I can see the end, just not how to get to that point because my imagination has stalled on what to put in the journey.

This time I know the journey, just not the words to put it down. My urge to write is becoming unbearable now. I sit with a blank document open all the time and have a notepad and pen with me ready for when I can find the right words. I need to get these stories out of my head before they drive me insane.

Writers, have you ever had this problem? What did you do to work yourself out of it?

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