Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Coffee Break: My Lack of Posting

So...long time no post, eh? Please ignore the tumbleweeds going past, the blog is not completely shutdown.

I just wanted to acknowledge that I have a book review backlog of books and I haven't forgotten you. I have them looking at me with The Eye every time I venture into my office.

I had a few things going on in my life starting in March, family crisis, leaving job, things like that. So everything, I mean everything, reading, writing, blog, general life, went on the back burner whilst I tried to wrap my head around it all.

Then things finally started to calm down and I could focus again. I even had blog posts scheduled but Blogger, in it's infinite wisdom, didn't post them and then I couldn't find the bleeders on here, so I shut down a little bit again because I couldn't face re-doing the posts, which is naughty of me. Really naughty. And lazy. But those posts will be up this week. They will!

Anyhoo, just as I was about to focus on all things blog-like again after that blip, this marvellously shiny idea for a novel strolled in my head and was all, 'Emma, I need writing. Forget living! This is where you're at.' So for the past three weeks I've been in novel mode and can't stop! I'm whizzing out about 6k a day. I haven't done that in forever! Alright, I exaggerate, I haven't done any real writing since December 2010. That may as well be forever to me.

I'm nearly done with the novel. Once it's out of my head, I'm going to break from it before I begin editing, and I will have some great romance with my review books and publicise the living daylights out of them all. I will be my blog's bitch.

So please bear with me whilst I get over this blog drought.