Review Policy

As I like to review the books I read, whether I've bought them, got them from the library, or I've had one sent along to me, I suppose I should put a review policy up to save both parties some hassle, should anyone wish to send me a book/Advanced Reading Copy.

I say review but it's more like my thoughts about that book. However, I try my best to give reasons if I do or don't like a book, in the most neutral manner I can. Even if I didn't like the book, I try to aim the review for people who might like the book. These are just my opinions and I hope to offend no one with them.

Here are my vague rules...I say vague because I read nearly anything I can get my hands on:

- I DON'T read biographies or autobiographies. Not even the people I love.

- If I had a choice of any genre in front of me, my first love is chicklit. There's more of those on my bookshelves than anything else, but don't be fooled because I still have a good few of nearly every other genre.

- I have an Amazon Kindle now, so ebooks are now accepted.

- I love history, especially the Tudors, English Royal family in general and the Victorian era, so feel free to send anything in those areas my way.

- Self-published books can be made very welcome too.

- Even though I've been out of my teens for a few years now, I still read teen books. Love them. The librarians at the library look at me funny.

I don't really expect anything as I do this for fun, but best for everyone if the rules are there.